Whittling Wood

Lately Leon has taken on the role of ‘survivor’.

This all stems from a game of survival skills, which in turn has turned in to an outside role play game.

In which whittling wood is very important.

So this was our kitchen at eight o’clock on Saturday morning…

And this was our kitchen at nine o’clock on Sunday morning….

Whittle wood first.

Get dressed later.



2 thoughts on “Whittling Wood

  1. You know what? Reading this post made me realize something! I have made it a goal to take a class to learn to carve wood. But you have reminded me that one of my most favorite activities while i was at scout camp every summer was to whittle. Don’t remember making anything – I just enjoyed whittling! So why do i think I need a class? For the simple shapes i want to make, I already know how!!!!! Thank you Leon, Maya and Alfie for reminding me that I know more than i thought!!

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