“The First Flower Of All”

The last few days have been warmer – remarkably warm for Sweden at this time of year…

It seems that Spring has sprung.

And indeed, as Alfie exclaimed on our ‘signs of Spring’ walk, it started with…

“the first flower of all”…

The snowdrop always comes first in our garden, in the same little patch every year.

Next in turn come the crocus shoots….

And if you’re lucky and look closely, you may see some colour shooting through…

You may even see a green bud on a tree just waiting to come out…

Spring in Sweden is a long awaited time of year.

Every thing happens so slowly – each flower, each insect, each bud is observed closely and opens up before your eyes.

People, along with the animals and insects, seem to come out of hibernation.

The snow doesn’t only melt on the roadsides, but people seem to ‘thaw’ with the sun.

Everyone becomes more relaxed, faces soak up the sun and Sweden takes on a whole new life.



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