Wonderful Walpurgis!

 A little late but none the less….

On the 30th April every year, Swedes celebrate ‘Valborg’.

‘Walpurgis‘, as it is otherwise known, is a celebration to welcome the Spring.

Swedes come together to watch a big bonfire burning away the old leaves, twigs and branches from the last autumn and winter, making room for the new plants to grow.

We usually go down to our local lake to celebrate, in support of Leon’s scout group who organise it.

Although the last two years have been cold, rainy and windy – this year it was warm and sunny…

…and this year Leon was proud to be ‘working’ on the chocolate wheel….

Maya was treated to a candy-floss by our next-door neighbours…

 ….the homemade zip-line and obstacle course (made by the scouts) was enjoyed by the older kids…

…while Alfie had a go at the ‘fisk dam’ (fishing pool)…

…and Ted just enjoyed throwing stones in to the lake…

The fire was beautiful…

…and because the sunset was so wonderful, I’m putting up another photo of it…!



One thought on “Wonderful Walpurgis!

  1. THANK YOU! Another post to add to my bookmarks and share next spring! I wish this custom would migrate to America! I celebrate in my little way – burning candles in my pond – but a huge bonfire to burn away winter would be soooo much better!!!

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