Letter V !

Letter V !

Was VERY fun!

We studied an African VIOLET…

…which we then painted, and tried to mix as many different colours of VIOLET as we could ….

We made a VOLCANO from mud…

…which we ‘exploded’ using water, white VINEGAR, red food coloring and bicarbonate of soda…

We painted VASES using clean jars…

We learnt about VULTURES through a youtube clip (National Geographic) …

Inspired by one of the ‘Land before time’ films (‘The Wisdom of friends’), we made a..

…VALLEY of dinosaurs…

I just love it!

We tried to make the VALLEY in to a V shape using blocks, with material over.

Finding a book with V in the title proved difficult, so instead I made up my own story…

...about a girl called VIOLET, dressed in VIOLET, who liked to pick VIOLETS in the VALLEY. One day there was a VOLCANO that destroyed all the VIOLETS, but in the end the VIOLETS grew back stronger, and the little girl VIOLET took some home to put in a VASE.

Though this story was simple and short, as I told it I drew the pictures. The kids loved this!

Soon Alfie was drawing his own rendition of the story!



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