Leon Grylls? Maybe….!

When Leon turned 5 he received a small tent for his birthday.

Two months later we went camping with some friends in Bodega Bay, California.

Leon spent the night in his own tent.

First time camping, aged 5, all night long in his own tent.


Nearly six years later he has been a passionate scout for three years, he has camped in the wild numerous times, he has trekked for hours, he has cooked food over a campfire hundreds of times, he has ski-ed down mountains and across lakes, he has ice skated across lakes and built snow dens in the wild.

And now, he adds caving and abseiling to his list…

You see this small crack he’s looking in to ?

Well, that’s his leg going through…

There’s a lot of spiders hanging out in there too…

Finding your way through in total darkness may be tricky, even with a head lamp, but this handprint gives you a clue to the entrance and exit…

Then, after all that squeezing through the darkness, there’s time for a little abseiling…

Before reaching his final destination…

A boy with a mission…

A boy full of the joy of life…

Is it any wonder that he is fast becoming inspired by Bear Grylls?

An adventurer is the making?

Possibly. Quite possibly!



2 thoughts on “Leon Grylls? Maybe….!

  1. I had no idea Leon was so much an adventurer! I was aware that he is a very intelligent young man with an aptitude for math and science – but now I see there is another whole side to him!

    I am sure he will succeed on any path he takes.

  2. Oh my word Sasha, I can’t believe the amazing things that Leon has been doing with scouts! That is just fabulous!

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