How To Make Nettle Soup

Maya learnt to make nettle soup at ‘Mulle’ (the forest school) last year.

She wanted to make it at home with Alfie and her friend Hanna.

First they collected lots and lots of nettles (wearing gardening gloves of course)…

….the neighbours must have been pleased?!

They put them in to a large vat of cold water to wash them (and stirred and stirred)…

Next they separated the leaves from the stalks….

…..and boiled the leaves in water for 5 minutes…

…with the lid on of course…

….for safety’s sake they printed out the recipe before getting the ingredients ready…

Ingredients for 4 portions :

2 litres nettles

1 litre water

2 cubes vegetable stock

2 tablespoons butter

3 tablespoons flour

1 deciliter (about one cup) cream


Next step was to sieve the leaves from the water. 

Keeping the water, the leaves were chopped in to smaller ‘pieces’…

Knead a ‘ball’ with the butter and flour.

Boil up the nettle water again adding the stock cubes.

Put in the butter and flour mixture.

Stir and let soup mixture simmer for around 5 minutes.

Put in nettle leaves and cream.


The verdict?

Absolutely DELICIOUS!



One thought on “How To Make Nettle Soup

  1. Having had the unfortunate experience of touching a nettle with bare fingers once – I have never been too keen on trying out nettle tea – which i understand is quite good for you.

    But if Maya can make this soup – maybe I should rethink things!

    Nettles are coming into their own in the woods right now!

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