The Simplicity Of Sand Cakes

They started with a tray of bird seed.

Little Ted loves to play with sensory things.

Bird seed is great for scooping , pouring, swishing (and even for sorting)…

Right now Ted is in to ‘putting things on things’ – in this case, putting the seeds on the lid…

In fact the lid became a fascination in itself…

It wasn’t long before sorting became the thing to do…

And while the tray of bird seed was still hanging around…

…out came the bowl, the wooden spoon, the muffin trays, the pestle and mortar, the odd bits of cereal, the spray bottles of food coloring, the sprinkles …. and the sand….

And not long after, everything was rediscovered…

…including the birdseed….

We’re never too old for sand cakes!


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