We love Finland!


We learnt that, from Stockholm, you need to take the ferry to Finland.

And it takes around 12 hours…

We learnt that the capital of Finland is Helsinki.

That the Finnish flag is white with a blue cross.

And that it takes around 2 hours to drive from Helsinki to Turku – or Åbo as they call it in Sweden.

During which time, we learnt that in world war 2, Finland was occupied by the Soviet Union…..


We learnt that in the summer, it can rain a lot in Finland…

But that they have some great shopping malls, with some great ice cream ‘parlours’…

And a great stone shop…!

We learnt that the Finns use ‘the euro’ to buy things with,

That ‘thank you’ is ‘kittos’,

and that, when you get to the counter of a shop, you may be greeted with ‘moy moy’….

We also learn that ‘Angry Birds‘ comes from Finland – and that they’re very proud of that fact….

We learnt that it’s easy to find blueberries to pick in Finland…

…and that they have an archipelago not unlike ours near Stockholm…

We also learnt that Tove Jansson, who wrote the ‘Mumintroll’ books came from Finland…

…and that’s where you’ll find the original ‘Muminland‘…

Finland also seems to be an excellent place for small children…

…with some outstanding play parks…

…where you can climb on sculptures…

…use real tools in a workshop…

…perhaps to build a boat ?

Or play in the flowing stream..

(Here Leon sails his boat down the stream…)

Of course, Finland is great for big kids too…!

And even if it’s raining, and the rides were a little old fashioned…

We didn’t care…

…we LOVED Finland!



One thought on “We love Finland!

  1. And I did too! Loved Finland! Thank you for sharing your trip. I loved every minute!

    I have been thinking i would like to feature Finland during the winter holidays this year, and now you have convinced me that this is a great idea!!!

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