The ‘House For Hermit Crab’ Collage

After our trip to the sea, one of our favourite books right now is…

…so we decided to make our own ‘seaside scene’.

We happened to have some blue and green finger paint left over, which was great for the background.

The one in the book looks like this…

Maya thought we should add a little real sand, for the bottom of the sea shore –

so ours looked like this…

Then it was just to add some of the creatures from the book…

Which is exactly what we did, drawing, cutting and sticking them on, made from coloured construction paper…

We were very happy with the results!

So much so, that we ended up making spiral (shell) shaped biscuits…

(Here they are before going in to the oven. Normal shortbread, which we sprinkled cocoa powder on just before we cooked them…)




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