Discovering Sand And A Rainbow Castle

Having experimented with the building properties of a tray of really wet sand, and a tray of dry sand…

….we decided to read this fantastic book…

We read all about sand coming from different rocks, minerals and crystals, shells and coral –

and we decided to look for some ourselves in our own play sand.

We lay a handful of dry sand on a black piece of paper, and looked at it through a magnifying glass…

In the book was an experiment to try to make sand by shaking small stones in a jar with a lid, showing how the sea and the wind crash pebbles against each other on a beach to make sand.

Alfie decided to give it a go…


We possibly got a few grains of sand, but it was hard work!

We decided to see if we could make a perfect consistency of sand and water, to build a sandcastle…

Could you really live in a castle made of sand?

What would happen if it rained?

We decided to find out…

Evidently a castle, or a house, made out of sand, would collapse when it rained….

Would it get stronger if we added grass?

A little bit perhaps – but not strong enough to live in!

Maya then decided she would try to make some coloured sand.

She mixed water and coloured chalk, and then kneaded it into the sand…

Alfie then decided to decorate the sand castle with the coloured sand…

…which in turn led to Maya decorating the castle with flower petals from around the garden…

…which helped turn a normal sand castle, into a rainbow castle…



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