We’ve Discovered Stick Insects!

This summer we’ve discovered stick insects!

We were given the eggs in April.

They hatched a couple of months later, and the insects were just a few millimetres long.

Now these guys are REALLY long!

We keep them in a little fish tank, with kitchen roll on the bottom, and a few sticks to climb…

We give them fresh dandelion and lettuce leaves every day…

…and a spray of water…

Sometimes they like to go for a walk…

…and if we’re really careful, WE can take THEM for a walk…

Can stick insects become members of the family?

Yes. I do believe they can!



One thought on “We’ve Discovered Stick Insects!

  1. Sasha what a cool post! It has been years and years since I last saw a stick insect. In fact, I do not believe my children have ever had the opportunity to see one. I know your family will never forget this experience – because i still to this day remember seeing my very first one. I spent hours gazing at it as it sat still as could be for the longest time on my great grandmother’s window screen.

    Thank you for bringing the memory back to me.

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