Introducing Scout Camp To Little People

It’s been a while since Leon returned from scout camp, but we’ve had a week of friends, followed by a week of family staying – so this post is long overdue! šŸ™‚

When I picked him up, it was all smiles!

In fact the camp was so much enjoyed, that the next day, he had Maya and Alfie packing…

…for ‘mini scout camp’…

Pretty soon camp was set up….

(In case you’re wondering, the paddling pool is the ‘lake’ – see the towels hanging on the climbing frame? That’s the ‘tree’ they’re hanging on…)

The kids took an evening dip in the ‘lake’, and slept the night in the tent…

…except Alfie who decided instead to join them for breakfast…

It was then time to wash up the breakfast things…

…before going trekking…to the local play park!



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