Making Adobe

After experimenting with the building of sand, Maya decided to experiment with making ‘adobe’.

We had discussed how houses can be made from adobe, and that ‘adobe’ actually means ‘clay’ in spanish…

We took water, soil and dried grass clippings…and containers of different sizes…

….and mixed with vigour to get that perfect consistency…

….a kind of clay dough….

Next step was to put the adobe in to the containers…

…and then wait for them to dry (preferably in the sun…!)…

I wonder if we’ll be able to build with them…?



2 thoughts on “Making Adobe

  1. It will be fun to find out!!!

    Most of the villages in the place where i grew up were constructed of adobe! The house my grandmother lived in had walls of adobe that were three feet thick. The building was 350 years old and still in perfect condition.

    Although most homes and buildings are now built with other materials, all the old adobe homes are carefully preserved and still standing and in constant use. It is a wonderfully efficient building material – but don’t forget the plaster to seal out the rain!

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