Marking The End Of Christmas (In Sweden)

Christmas in Sweden ends on the 13th January.

Twenty days after Christmas is Knut’s day – ‘tjugondag Knut’.

This is when the ‘julgransplundring’ takes place – which literally means the ‘plundering of the Christmas tree’…

It starts with the dancing around the tree, songs which will also be sung at Midsummer..

…yes, we did do this, but no photos I’m afraid – too much dancing to be done!


Then it’s time to put away the decorations…




…until all the decor is gone…


The tree is taken in to the garden, and the pine needles are hoovered up….


Often the tree is filled with sweets, or ‘Jultomten’ (Father Christmas) comes with sweets for the kids,

but we decided instead, to ‘plunder the gingerbread house’…

….we let the two little ones start, armed with a toy hammer each…




…and the ‘plundering’ began..!




2 thoughts on “Marking The End Of Christmas (In Sweden)

  1. I thought of you all day today! With all good intention, I was going to plunder my own tree! But in the end, I just could not find the heart to dismantle it just yet! I have taken all the other decorations down and packed them away and to help me ease into life without Christmas i have put out all my snowmen and decorated my seasonal tree with beaded snowflakes.

    Looks to me like you and the children had a great time of it on St. Knut’s day!!! Can not believe Ted is already big enough to be plundering a gingerbread house!!!

    • It’s funny that you thought of me – I also thought of you and wondered whether you would be able to take down your beloved tree! But, like us, you have the snowmen and the snowflakes to keep you company!
      And yes, Ted is now 2. Though admittedly I’m only letting him ‘plunder’ the gingerbread house so he won’t get left out of the activity… 🙂

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