Climbing The Rocky Mountain!

A wonderful thing about living in such a snowy climate, is you’re never sure what kind of snow it will be.

It could be ‘perfect for ski-ing’ fluffy – but too fluffy to build a snowman.

Or ‘just below freezing’  fluffy, and just right to build with.

It might be perfect for sledging – or wet and slushy, and not great at all!

Or it could be hard and icy – great for skating…

….and great also for climbing!


At the end of our road the snow plough has left a rather large mound of dirty, rock hard snow.

Evidently , Alfie and Lilly think this is just great – and a castle it’s become!








As you can see, Alfie and Lilly are very proud of their ‘castle’ – and Ted is proud to be allowed to join them!

There’s been lots of climbing, lots of sliding and lots of lifting going on – excellent for gross motor skills!

Just as long as there’s no eating….!


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