Beautiful Snowflakes

Alfie took this photo…


He said he took it because the snowflakes were beautiful…which of course they are!

(Consequently the picture comes from the book  ‘The Snowy Day’)

We decided to look at them closely though..

…how do they REALLY look?

So we caught some on my glove…


Tricky to see, but can you see the snowflake shape – especially the one on the top middle?

We decided to try catching them on black felt too…


…the outline is there of many of them, but the camera found it hard to focus!

Alfie described them as “sharp” and I described them as “spiky”.

Even Ted had a good look…


Later we decided to play with ‘snowflakes’ inside…


At one point I wondered if I might regret this…


…but it turned out the kids had good ‘shovelling’ skills, and I never did!



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