A Day Of Building

As the middle sized kids were upstairs building cities with lego, Ted and I passed the time building with blocks…




Ted’s an exceedingly active two year old, and if you’re not armed with a huge pile of books, it’s hard to keep him positioned in one place!

So this felt like a breakthrough!

And the proud smile on his face was worth every ….block!


It seemed that today was going to be a building day, because when the little one was sleeping, we had planned to build igloos with mini marshmallows….




Mummy’s is the one at the back (she used a cardboard disc for the roof), and Alfie’s the one at the front.

Alfie also came up with his own original coloured version…


And Maya, our main resident artist, added animals and ice pools…


Of course, when you have a huge amount of snow outside, like we do, there’s nothing better than building with the real stuff!

Whether it be a table and chairs, ready for snack time for when the oldest comes home from school…


…or a real ‘igloo’…


…with space for not one, but two…!




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