The Trip To Turkey

After a little over 8 hours, door to door, we have arrived in Turkey!

The kids were excellent – and aside of the fact that, as three of us have English passports and needed visas (which we didn’t know about or have), there was an extra twenty minute wait for us, at nearly 1am, with four tired children – which culminated in a slight break down from Alfie, and an escape in to a Turkish police station by Ted – it all went well. Even the fact that Ted decided to climb on to a stationary baggage control belt, and in to the luggage hole, didn’t spoil the journey. After all, he had his big brother to rescue him!

So now we’re enjoying sunshine and warmth. With free ice creams…enjoyed here by the little boys…


…and free drinks, enjoyed here by the big guys…


…these drinks are called ‘Cinderella’ they tell me…


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