At The Beach Again (Turkey)

The beach is a wonderful place for a swede. Or even a non-swede living in Sweden! After nearly six months of snow, then sun and sea are perfect…

….and so, we abandoned all ideas of an expensive water park with huge scary slides (which is just as well because I think only 1 out of 4 of our children would have been big enough to ride, and I’m not sure he would have dared to do many of them anyway..) and headed straight back down to the beach!

The sea was much calmer today…


….. and the sea was much clearer…

…just perfect for long walks along the shore…

Leon found it relaxing to float on our newly bought ‘surf board’, hoping each tiny wave would turn in to a bigger one..

Maya took time to make some ‘sand art’…


Alfie was content to wander the shore looking for beautiful stones and shells…


And Ted discovered the joy of filling and emptying a Pringles box with sand, stones and shells…

We had a wonderfully relaxing day on the beach. When Ted slept, Leon and Maya spent time on the sea with the surfboard, and Alfie found some new friends and had a fantastic time playing in the sand, and racing up and down the beach with them…

…. The beach always proves to be the best playground!


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