Making Our Sand Man

So Maya decided to build a sand sculpture, and asked me to help – and it was a LOT of fun!

We started forming his torso, legs and feet, then went on to his arms and head…and added Ted’s hat…

Then we decided to form a nose with sand, add seaweed hair and shell/stone eyes and a mouth…

It wasn’t long before our sand man had a cat…

…and a dog…

Unfortunately he doesn’t look nearly so good in the photos, but Maya was so proud. People commented as they walked along the shore, and one couple even took a photograph of themselves with him!

And here he looks out to sea…

Maya and I decided to sit back and see what people’s reactions were. People smiled and pointed. A dog came and peed on his back (!) and I told Maya it was because the dog liked him so much, he wanted to make him his territory!

But sadly, a little boy of about 3 years old came and looked, and went away, came back again in curiosity and reached out to touch the sand man’s face (and let’s face it, who wouldn’t want to, especially when you’re only 3!), and the whole thing collapsed..

Maya was sad, but it wasn’t long before she smiled again. We talked about the memory of our sand man, the fun we had making him, the joy he gave to passers by, and how the little boy hadn’t meant to ‘hurt’ him.

And she was happy again.

And I promise, this is the last post on Turkey!


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