A Perfect May Day

May day is a national holiday in Sweden – international worker’s day.

And after Walpurgis Night (Valborg), it also feels like the beginning of ‘real’ spring ,with summer days soon to follow.

Today was a perfect May day – the first warm, sunny day we’ve had this year. Almost a summer day.

Yesterday Richard and Maya worked hard to put up the ‘hoppmatta’ (trampoline), and today, first thing this morning, until last thing this evening, it was put to use….



The whole family spent the entire day in the garden – the first time for this year!

I caught chickens rolling in the dust, soaking up the sun…

It was the perfect day for raking, raking, raking…getting rid of all those dead leaves and broken twigs… making way for old grass to breathe and new fresh grass to grow….


Most of the day was spent doing this – but fortunately for Richard and I, we have a very very kind, and hardworking son…


A truly perfect May day!


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