Cracking Open A Shell Like An Otter Does…

Lately I’ve been reading the animal books by Jill Tomlinson, to Alfie. It started with the more famous “The Owl Who Was Afraid Of The Dark”, and the well loved “…Cat Who Wanted To Go Home” – and we have since read through the whole series…

The last book we read was “The Otter Who Wanted To Know”.

Recently Alfie found a stash of nuts from Christmas time. Since we mislaid our nut cracker a while back, he has been attempting to open them with the wrench on the woodwork bench.

I realised we could use our recent informative read to open our nuts… “I wonder if we could crack them open with a stone?” I asked, “like when the otters crack open their oysters with pebbles…” I said.

It wasn’t long before he had found a stone…

….to go with our nuts….

Alfie was soon ‘cracking’ away! At first he tried to crack a nut with the stone on an indoor shelf – it worked – but I suggested perhaps a hard surface outside…

It worked really well! Walnuts were the easiest – almonds were extremely difficult to open. We soon had a patio covered with nut shells!

Ted gave it a try too. He didn’t quite understand however, and banged a nut against a nut instead…

This kept them both happy for a very long time….!

And I almost forgot to mention – a beady eyed crow homed in for a bit of action – Alfie threw him a nut – and we actually had luck in watching it use its beak to bang the nut against the ground to open it!


How lucky could we be?!


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