Spiders & Spaghetti

Teddy just loves sensory play. LOVES it! And the wetter, the stickier and the more covered in whatever material it is, the better…!
After our spider’s web activity, this sensory activity seemed to fit in nicely…

I filled our water tray with warm water, tinted with blue food colouring, added cooked spaghetti and a number of kitchen tools (tongs, fish slice, a spaghetti ‘ladle’, a whisk and a potato masher) – and last of all, a collection of plastic spiders…



Teddy literally squealed with delight when he saw the spiders, but interestingly enough, they weren’t the first thing he went for…

The spaghetti ladle was by far the most interesting object. He started to pick up the spaghetti using the tool in the correct way almost straight away…

…and it wasn’t long before he had his own ‘pick up and deposit’ game going on….

I guessed the chickens and the birds would soon pick up the spaghetti, so I wasn’t bothered about the mess – but it was interesting to see that he wouldn’t dare to pick up the spiders until AFTER all the spaghetti had been removed from the tray!
I guess you never know what could be lurking…..


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