A Trip To The Zoo

Yesterday was a national holiday, so we went to the zoo in Eskilstuna.
Like many people, I have mixed feelings about zoos. No-one likes to see an animal in captivity, especially if they seem unhappy. I still remember visiting an ‘aquarium’ at the back of a shop once, on the coastal route from Los Angeles to San Francisco, and I remain disgusted.
Fortunately, here, in Sweden, animal rights are well and strong, and I feel that, while reading stories and fact books about animal life, and watching nature programmes are educational, there’s nothing like seeing the real thing …. albeit in captivity!

The kids were super excited – I think the two hour journey was spent in silence…

We spent a good few hours looking at the animals..

Okay. Here’s some real ones..


…and these are for you mum…


Leon was very much taken by the axolotl, Maya and Alfie really enjoyed the otters, and Ted, well he just enjoyed everything! Such enthusiasm – and he kept it going right to the end!
I was overjoyed to see the tigers and their cub, though unfortunately they were hiding in the ‘jungle’ – but mostly I found the baboon amazing! We got to see him close up, face to face, an incredibly powerful and fierce looking animal.
However, we all enjoyed, more than anything, the dinosaurs! Oh yes. Dinosaurs!




An amazing robotic exhibition travelling from the US, and very realistic! Alfie wanted me to take this picture (we don’t know the girl)…

We chose not to take Teddy in to the exhibition area – he instead spent a longer time in the fantastic playground (which I unfortunately didn’t get any other photos of, due to keeping an eye on the kidlets…)

Later, however, Teddy spied the T-Rex’s head over the top of the exhibition fence, and spent a nervous twenty minutes keeping his eye out, and asking me where the dinosaur had gone…
So we decided to do the last leg of our outing – the funfair! Well, always a favourite of my kids, though only tame rides, they had a wonderful time…






Alfie was beaming with pride through bravery, insisting Leon went with him on the tiny caterpillar roller coaster nearly ten times over, and Teddy, who didn’t bat an eyelid in Maya’s escort, had a wonderful time – despite never have been on a ride in his life before!


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