A Giant Cootie Catcher!

Maya always comes up with the most amazing things – often with a twist of eccentricity!
Do you remember those things we all made at school; the things that you fold from paper, ask someone which number they would like, count that number with the folded paper object, then ask them what colour they want – this proceeds in you opening up the flap of that colour and telling them something true/untrue about themselves – or in Maya’s case, telling them a specific thing to go and do…?

Well, if you’re not sure what I’m writing about, this is what I mean…

I’ve since found out, that in the US at least, it’s called a ‘cootie catcher’.

So Maya made a tiny weeny one…

…which proceeded in her making a GIANT one….

….which really works!




2 thoughts on “A Giant Cootie Catcher!

  1. Way to go Maya! Wow! That is the biggest cootie catcher I have ever seen!!! Awesome! Epic in fact!

    Sure has been a lot of posting going on in this space lately! All these big tutorial posts these past couple months has left me in a state of being behind – way behind. When I checked in with my reader i almost fainted at that great big number next to Squashed Tomatoes!!!

    Loved that you have been experimenting with tea as a dye. I just read a post in which an artist friend of mine let her tea get cold so she painted with it!!! Worked just great! So that got me to thinking about the possibilities of painting with everything from beet cooking water to fruit juice! Kids might get a kick out of that!

    So glad to see you back! xox

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