On Making Dandelion Sorbet

I do wish I’d got a photo of these two when they were picking their dandelions in the sun!

They looked so colourful, one in bright blue, one in bright pink, surrounded by bunches of yellow! Unfortunately it was not to be – Ted was yowling like a pussy cat to go home having refused to eat his breakfast, and being hungry as a wolf!;()


Alfie has been asking to make dandelion sorbet all year – he still remembers making it with myself and Maya years ago, when he was barely three years old.
Step 1: Collect the dandelions
Step 2 : Snip off the petals (as above)
Step 3 : Put 5 cups of water, 1 cup of sugar and half a cup of honey in a saucepan and bring to boil to make a syrup.
Step 4 : Add dandelion petals and simmer for an hour…

Step 5 : Use muslin sieve to filter out the petals….

….until you have just the liquid….

Step 6 : Pour in to container and put in freezer until frozen.
Step 7 : Decorate with dandelion flowers, eat sorbet and enjoy!


One thought on “On Making Dandelion Sorbet

  1. First of all – I love the images of the children. Beautiful!

    And now you have me curious and thinking about trying this out!!! Can you give me any idea of how many dandelions I might need?

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