Scouting With Lord Of The Rings

Some months a go I decided to help out in Maya’s scout group due to lack of leaders – thus I became a leader – and now we’re a thriving group of 32 scouts and 8 leaders!

We just spent our first weekend camping together (though admittedly we did rent out a scout hut in case of rain!). As it turned out, however, despite an hours downpour at around 10pm, all kids except 1 slept in the tents! 🙂

We planned a weekend with a theme – ‘Lord Of The Rings’, and even though many of the children were not familiar with the story (including Maya), it didn’t matter, they got the gist of it any way!

We started with a visit from Gandulf who explained about the rings which were bringing bad omen upon the world and needed to be destroyed…


Each child was given a brass ring…


We followed a map through a forest where we ate our lunch ‘hike bombs’…

The ‘hobbits’ ‘scouts’ were told to watch out for the black knights, who were also looking for the rings. As they ate their lunch, cooked over a fire, two black cloaked figures walked by over the field in the distance….. (myself and another leader dressed up..)

After lunch the hobbits were divided in to their groups, each with a leader.
The first task was to walk across a swamp filled with snakes, holding each others’ shoulders, scarves over their eyes….

The second task was to make a necklace to hang their ring on. I don’t have photos of this as I was at the third stage!

The third task was to solve a code to get through the gate of Moria. The elfin queen was there with refreshments, guarding the gate, helping the hobbits to solve the code…

Once the code was worked out, the key to the gate was to say “friend” and walk backwards through the gate, down towards the stream. Then they needed to get over the stream, turn left and orienteer their own way back to the campsite.

Later there was cooking and eating by the fire…


…lots of energetic games…

…and finally a hike up to the top of the ‘mountain’ to throw the rings in to the fire (though actually, for safety’s sake, and to avoid the kids digging in the ashes the next day, the rings were threaded on to an iron rod and put in to the fire by a leader…)….


The kids were a little sad at having to ‘destroy’ their rings (as you can see in the photo above) – but fortunately, they all got them back the next morning in the farewell meeting!
And of course, there was lots of singing…

Despite many kids not falling asleep until midnight, all slept well (only one scout went home) until 7am, ate breakfast outside, packed up together, and went home contented.

Until next time!


One thought on “Scouting With Lord Of The Rings

  1. I don’t know which memories this post stirred more – those of being a scout or those of being in a leadership role. But i can tell you for a certainty that making these kinds of trips and adventures possible through the gift of your time will leave lasting and cherished memories in the heart of each child.

    Just reading your words I can hear the songs being sung around the campfire and smell the smoke and feel the chill of the night air on my back and the warmth of the fire on my face and the happiness and contentment in my soul.

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