Thinking Outside The Box (Or Den!)

Maya is one of the most creative people I know. Not only is she one of the most creative, but she is able to truly think outside ‘the box’!
This is an example of what I found the other day. A den, of a different kind….

Walls made from blocks, crates and tables (turned on their side mind, not as the base of the den)…

…and a roof made of planks of wood – and comics….


…plenty of space to hide inside…

…and of course, a little decoration..

Let’s hope she never conforms!


2 thoughts on “Thinking Outside The Box (Or Den!)

  1. Goodie! i was hoping for a peek inside!

    LOVE “Maya’s Den”. And I doubt very much she will ever “conform” really because you have, through your love and mothering, given her a sense of herself. She has obviously learned to look inside for inspiration for ways to express herself. From what I have learned of you these past few years while reading your blog, you are giving this gift to all of your children.

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