An Aeroplane Ride

Despite the terrible photos, I wanted to include this post. Maya and Alfie had been so imaginative, and worked so hard, to make an aeroplane…
Here is the aeroplane….

Yes, each seat is numbered.
This is where you go through security….

This is the alarm that goes off when you go through security (if you’re wearing a belt, for example, like me)…

Yes, it was a bunch of metal buttons strung on string (which was secretly pulled to make the ‘alarm’ go off).
Here is Maya searching Lilly as the alarm went off when she went through security…

Tickets to take you to your seat….

Here is the pilot, ready for take off…

Aeroplane food was available in plastic ‘trays’….

Fasten your seat belts. We have now landed. Don’t forget your hand baggage….

We hope you have enjoyed your flight and will choose to fly with us again soon!


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