A Bug Hunt

When winter reigns for six months of the year, bugs become a very exciting ‘experience’ over the summer months…

Alfie, Lilly, Ted and I enjoyed a bug hunt in the garden yesterday.

Spotting bumblebees…


Ladybirds (can you see the tiny little spot..?)…

…among others…
It was a lot of fun to creep around the garden looking high and low, under bushes and large stones, for bugs. Ted thought this was so exciting – he’s a little scared of flies, which makes us laugh!
When Alfie and Lilly discovered a special tree in the garden, however, it kept them occupied for the rest if the day…

…for under the tree lay some little tiny caterpillars…

….and in the tree lay a few hundred more…

….and these little caterpillars were observed for the rest of the day…

It’s always worth going on a bug hunt!


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