Cleaning Up The Lake

My last post was about my kids finishing school for the summer holidays.
As I walked home with Alfie from ‘the little house’ for, possibly, the last time, along the lake, we came across a terrible thing.

Older students had also finished school. And they had been partying by the lake…. leaving bottles and beer cans, plastic bags, cigarette butts and smashed glass. The whole place was obliterated, and it was very very sad to see the ducks walking through all the mess…

I couldn’t just leave it.
So in the evening, when Richard was home to take care of Ted, I went with Leon, Maya, and Alfie, armed with bin bags, gardening gloves and trowels, to clear up…



Admittedly the local council had got there before us, and had cleaned up the most part of the rubbish – but there was still a lot left – and Alfie was proud to tell a passerby that we had nearly filled three bin bags!
Most importantly though, we left the lake clean, and my kids will have a memory, hopefully for life, of a first hand experience of taking care of the environment. I’m hoping it will be something that will encourage them throughout their future.


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