Finishing School

This has been a week of kids finishing. Finishing preschool and finishing school. All over Sweden kids are looking forward to their long summer holiday.

Maya was first. A morning filled with dancing and singing, ice cream and hugs. Two of the loveliest ladies in the world… Ebba…

…and Anna…

These ladies are loving and caring, they fill the children’s days with all manner of educational activities, and they make learning fun!
And we’re very happy, that for a fourth year, Maya will be learning with them again in the autumn! 🙂

Next up was Leon. An evening of singing and dance organised and performed by the children, ice cream from the teachers, and a family picnic in the park. Leon has been with his wonderful teacher Hanna for two years – she’s filled Leon with confidence, and inspired him with her themes and trips. This school of just 82 pupils, with 5 teachers working closely together, has been ideal for Leon.
Next year he starts ‘high school’. Part of the same school, but a different campus. This will be a big step for Leon, and as tradition goes at this school, the teachers send a heart shaped balloon in to the sky, as a good luck wish to each child moving on….


….and each child was given a rose, as a sign of love from the teachers…


Lastly came little Alfie. The ‘little house by the lake’ has been a fabulous place for him. They have been supportive and flexible, a co-operative full of love, full of friendship (both child and adult), with slightly mad adventures such as trips to Finland and speed boat rides, and quieter ones such as forest walks and bathing in the lake – not to forget the family barbecues, jumble sales and seasonal lunches! We will really miss ‘the little house’ and the family within it…

…but we will remain friends, and the time has come for Alfie to start school this autumn.

My children have been lucky. They have had wonderful, loving teachers, and secure, inspirational schools. I hope their education continues to be this good.


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