Turning Twelve

Yesterday our lovely Leon turned twelve. Twelve! It seems like a turning point – not exactly the ‘end of childhood’, but certainly becoming more grown up. Though I think we may have a while left before we reach teenage-hood! 😉
We put out a special place for Leon to sit and open his presents…

It was like digging in to a parcel of surprises…

His main present from us was his much asked for scooter, and some smaller things like a book, and a 3D puzzle – though I do believe that Mormor and Patu’s archtiecture lego (the white house) was a big hit….

(Thanks Mormor and Patu! In fact he’s already halfway finished with building it he loved it so much…!)
Maya made him the letters of his name from white chocolate, and made him the sweetest card…

It says “what or who is it that is nice and kind?”, and then he opens up the paper to find out that he is also fun, another opening and he is clever, and so on, until finally, when the whole paper is unfolded it says “why YOU of course!”. 🙂
Alfie made him some lemon muffins, and a rainbow maze…

…and even Ted made a little picture…


As wished for by Leon, we had a cosy morning at home with the family, and after lunch we all went, with one of his best friends, to the parkour park.

Back at home we invited another friend, and his sister, and shared the cake…

…a lemon flavoured cake with melted white chocolate topping (Leon’s choice!) ….

He loved it!
It was really nice to have one of our little friends sing ‘happy birthday’ to him in french…

…before we all sang it both in swedish and english too!

I wonder what he wished for….?


There are not enough words to describe how wonderful you are Leon, and we are thankful for every day we spend with you!

Happy Birthday!


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