Fairy Houses This Summer (2013)

Inspired by this wonderful book about fairy houses (Barry & Tracy Kane), Maya asked me to join her in the garden – and in turn, we asked Alfie.


We spent a lovely morning building fairy houses…



Alfie’s base was a row of many sticks, upon which was made a bed (with the leaf), a fire with small twigs and stones around (flower petals for ‘fire’), and a shell bowl of food (chives). He just loved doing this – and later made a slide out of sticks for them…

Maya used a big stone as the basis, and tore holes in a leaf for a ladder. She used a flower head as a lamp, a feather as a flag, and small sticks as a fence, with some sticks balancing up a leaf as a shelter…


…and of course I just had to join in…

Great fun! 🙂

One thought on “Fairy Houses This Summer (2013)

  1. Magic! What I love about you most is that you bring so much magic into the lives of your children.

    I lived my whole childhood without ever making a fairy house! Sad but true. The great thing is that I am making them now!!!

    Love this post!!!

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