It’s A Terrible Thing The Pecking Order…

It’s very hard when a family pet dies. Even harder when you fear the pet has been ‘pecked to death’. Our experience of hens is limited, and we weren’t expecting this.

We chose not to tell the kids how we think she died, instead telling them she may have been ill.

We found her this morning, lying still on the floor of the hen house…

Named ‘Mimbo’ by Leon, the smallest of our hens, didn’t deserve to die such a terrible death.
Richard, Alfie and I buried her this morning while Ted was still sleeping, and Leon and Maya were still at scout camp.
Alfie picked some flowers and put them with her in the grave…

Then Alfie drew a picture of her, complete with ants to eat, and a rainbow.

We laminated it, and tied it to the painted cross we made from sticks….

…which we set next to the squirrel’s, in our ‘animal graveyard’…..


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