Melted Bead Sun Catchers

Alfie loves to do, what in Sweden we call ‘pärlplattor’. Bead plates.

He just LOVES them!

We went on a mission yesterday to buy some see through beads, because in one of my favourite blogs ‘The Artful Parent’, we read how to make bead sun catchers.

Instead of putting the beads in a muffin tin and melting them in the oven, however, we decided to make the design on the bead plate…

….and iron them…

When the design is finished you need to lay a piece of waxed paper (in our case baking paper) over the top of the bead plate with design, and gently iron over the wax paper round and round. When done, gently peel off the beads – they should be melted together slightly (and can be quite hot to touch). If the beads start to come off, simply put back and iron a little more. We used ‘cotton’ temperature on our iron.
They certainly brighten up a window when the sun shines through…





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