My Little Boy Started School Today…

My little boy started school today. ‘Förskola klass’….’Kindergarten’… ‘Reception’. Officially no longer a preschooler….Though being a December born child, and only five and a half, he’s still a preschooler to me. 😉

It was a mixed day for me – sadness mixed with excitement mixed with curiosity mixed with relief…!

Alfie? He LOVED it!

Up early, he told me, “Ted can play in my room today if he wants”. He ate breakfast and got dressed in a flash – as we were getting ready to leave, he put on his rucksack, turned around, said “bye” and off he went!

It takes fifteen minutes to walk to school. I think he ran. In fact he only stopped to pick flowers for the teacher on the way…

His idea. And yes, he gave them to her! 🙂

He has two teachers. The one above is called Åsa. He thought she said ‘Åsna’, which means donkey in swedish!

He wasn’t shy. Not in the least. In fact he told me he’d made “nine” new friends. Though he couldn’t remember their names… 🙂

It felt good to be leaving him here….

…A beautiful welcoming tree, with painted faces of the other pupils in the school in the reception area..

An organised art space with paper and pencils, crayons and watercolours, glue and scissors, tissue paper and felt, beads and weaving boards…

…a cupboard full of more beads, and lots and lots of embroidery thread and wool…

…an easel, a box of pictures to cut, and some more beautiful art…

…huge light windows, with shelves (many of which are not pictured) of plants, interesting pieces of bark, wooden bowls of interesting stones and a beautiful sailing boat…

I loved the fact that they had a cosy room, with books and beanbags…

…and a calm and inviting ‘home corner’…



Inside it felt spacious and simple. I liked the use of natural objects and the flowing materials.

Outside the children have a forest to get lost in, rocks to climb, tree stumps to balance on, sand to play in, cable reels to roll, wooden stilts to walk on, ropes to imagine with and scooters to ride. Did I mention the pinecones, the sticks, the interesting stones, the blueberries in the forest?

So far, so good.
Let’s hope it’s as good as it looks!



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