Creepy Plants

In the last six months Leon has taken a great interest in plants – specifically carnivorous plants and cacti.

I decided to take the older two to ‘Bergianska Trädgården’ (Stockholm’s botanical garden) to check out the the latest exhibition ‘Labbiga Växt’, which translates at ‘Creepy Plants’…

The kids were given an information leaflet on which plants to find, and another piece of paper to fill in about how creepy they thought that plant was, from white ghost (not scary at all, almost boring), to purple ghost (really very scary indeed!)….

Well, neither kids paper included a white ghost – but I think we may have had one purple! 😉
Here are a selection (not all) of the plants we found, and gathered information about…

This was my favourite plant…

This plant with it’s sharp thorns…

..produces an amazing looking fruit, in english named ‘the snake fruit’, due to it’s snake like skin….

Then, of course, we have the carnivorous plants….

..big enough to ‘swallow’ a mouse – which it did…

…and the ones which test it’s prey with it’s three hidden hairs inside…. 😧
There there was the coconut palm…

…which kills more people than any other plant. Can you guess how? 😏
And although this palm wasn’t one picked out to find, we decided we wouldn’t want to climb it……

This spiky plant actually saves lives…

…whereas this one, is so dangerous it was kept in a cage! Apparently, not only will it burn you if you touch it, but you will itch terribly for months afterwards, and its effect can even travel through air…..😨

This is the ‘monster plant’, named due to the size and look of it’s leaves, but it is also very poisonous – and though it produces a delicious fruit – if you eat it when it’s not ripe, you can get very very sick….

These are just some of the plants we found – a truly educational experience…

…and thoroughly enjoyed by all! 😃


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