The Age Gap – And Togetherness…

It does baffle me that my 12 year old can play with my almost 6 year old so well.

When I mention this to people, they smile and say that obviously the older child is appeasing the younger child.

But no. They really play. They truly enjoy each other’s company. They laugh and share interests. And as they get older, this can go on for hours…

Lately they’ve been making up a game, it involves maps, and drawing their own villages on the maps…

There are rules, and there is a sharing of amenities…

I’m not sure what the rules are, but I know it involves boats, and travelling to each other’s villages across the islands of Stockholm…

Of course Alfie is as proud as punch that he and his older brother can share this game – ‘their game’…

…but there is togetherness. Definite togetherness – and joy..



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