‘We’re Going To The Moon’

Last weekend I was ill, at the beginning of the week it was Maya, and now Alfie is coming out of the last dregs of it! Not very exciting – but there’s always an UP side! 🙂

My ‘up’ side is that extended time at home together, with uninterrupted play, means for happy creative children…

Today Alfie and Ted went flying on their spaceships…

Of course, spaceships need dashboards to steer the ship..


I’m not sure where the pumpkins came into it, but evidently they were very important……..
……and then there were torches. To see in the dark when you’re up in space, because it’s all black you see – and “if you throw a black sock up there, you won’t be able to see it”…

3-2-1 Blast Off!



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