Alfie’s ‘Artist’s Party’..

Alfie wanted an ‘artists party’ for his 6th birthday – a feat I was dreading with lots of (mostly) 6 year old boys… 🙂

The invitations were simple watercolour stars..


We kept the party short, just a couple of hours, and I decided to refrain from using paint – mainly due to there being fifteen young kids and only two adults.

We had different ‘stations’ – a cupcake decorating station, a ‘colour the tablecloth’ station, ‘make your own play dough creation’, make a foam sticky picture, colour a face mask, and neon bead plates. The first three were the most popular – possibly because they were the ones that an adult was structuring – or that were the most ‘social’.

We had a variety of different sprinkles, chocolate drops and squeezy tubes for the cupcakes…


..and six different coloured bowls of icing sugar – red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple..


Each child was allowed to decorate a couple each (one child wanted to do three!)…



As you can see, most of the kids went overboard with their decorating! Some of them realised ‘more was NOT better!’ 🙂 But ‘extreme decorating’ was part of the fun!

The play dough station was VERY popular. I had made up six batches of play dough – red, yellow, blue, green, black and pink. Then we had bowls of collage items to create with – cut up pipe cleaners, shiny gems, shaped sequins, plastic eyes, cocktail sticks and straws, and feathers. Of course we had scissors, plastic knives and rolling pins there too. All on a huge plastic painters cloth..






The ‘drawing on the table’ was also fun for the kids, especially when there were a few of them cluttered around chatting – and a nice calming activity…

I got a ‘foam decorating kit’ from a craft shop, which wasn’t as popular, though most children tried it in the end – here is Maya having a go…



When each child had decorated their cupcakes (which took an hour), it was time for food. We had hot dogs, with lots of coloured healthy bits to pick – red tomatoes, orange carrots, yellow strips of fresh pepper and yellow tomatoes, green cucumber and purple grapes. It was great to see how popular these healthy bits were! 🙂
Then it was time to sing to the birthday boy…



…before everyone was allowed to choose and eat their own cupcakes – it’s not always easy to remember which one is yours! ;)..

After the food there was just thirty minutes left – Alfie opened his presents, the kids finished off any creations they had started (or indeed started a new one!), and for those slightly hyped up kids, there was a ‘reflex jakt’ (reflector hunt) in the garden. Richard had taken some different coloured and shaped reflectors and hidden them around the garden – the kids took torches out in to the dark and tried to find them. Exciting!

Instead of party bags we gave away an inexpensive craft kit to each child, and a handful of sweeties.

A fun party – one we would definitely do again!


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