Maya’s Christmas Snowflake

Maya came home from school with a new craft she had learnt!
A very pretty paper cut snowflake!

Arn't they lovely?
Here's how to make them..
Take an A4 piece of paper and fold it in half..

…then in half again..

Cut each piece to this size – you need five pieces altogether..

For each piece, fold the corner up to meet the side like so..

….and then cut off the rectangle shaped piece so that you have a perfect square shape. Do this to all five pieces.

Next draw a line down the centre of the triangular piece…

Cut along the triangle up to the middle on both sides, making sure NOT to cut all the way to the end….like so….

…and fold out so it looks like this…

Again, do this to all five pieces.

Next, take the two inner pieces of paper, and tape them to meet in the middle (I put a pencil in between to make it easier)…

Then slide out the pencil so it looks like this….

Do the same to the next inner pieces (without the pencil), but tape them to meet on the other side..

And the next two inner pieces to meet in the middle with tape, facing the former side…

And the last to pieces to be meet in the middle with tape, facing the opposite side….

Again, do this to all five pieces…

Now it’s just to tape (or glue) these five pieces in to a star shape, and to hang it up…


Of course, it would be easier to quite simply cut five equal square shapes instead of following the first few steps above, and it probably would look prettier without a line drawn down it – but this is how Maya learnt it in school, and this is how she wanted me to show you how to do it!
It looks more complicated than it is – and it’s they’re just so pretty – I just hope you can follow the instructions without too much difficulty! πŸ˜‰



2 thoughts on “Maya’s Christmas Snowflake

  1. Oh Maya thank you for sharing your beautiful stars and how to make them! I am going to make some of my very own this very afternoon!!! I love these so, so much. xoxoxox

  2. Pam – I thought of you when I posted this! I just knew you would love them! I hope you’ve had time to try them – they’re so much easier than they look and really don’t take much time once you know how! πŸ˜‰ Have fun! X

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