Our Advent Activity Calendar!

Having two birthdays (mine and Alfie’s) happening, and Alfie’s birthday party to organise, I’m a bit late on my posts!
Never the less, we’ve got a great advent ‘calendar’ going on! I found a lovely garland of woollen socks in a garden centre – and fell in love! πŸ˜‰

So every day I’ve been filling it with something..

Though the socks havn’t been filled with ‘things’ – they’ve been filled with ‘Christmas jobs’, activities and occasionally a little treat. And each day there’s a special note written to the kids telling them what to do…

On the first day it was important to light the first candle of Advent. This was Leon’s job..

…along with hanging up our winter bird feeder with food for the birds. Maya’s job was to hang up the star…

…and Alfie’s was to give out a chocolate Santa to each child in the family..

Teddy had to find and set out all the Christmas cuddly toys (we have a few!) – and then each and every child had to find 5 items from our Christmas boxes that they really like, and decorate the house with them. πŸ™‚

There have been other activities, such as bake gingerbread cookies…



….make Christmas cards..

…or write a letter to Father Christmas…

Included with each special note is a tiny item to go with the ‘job’ or ‘activity’… a tiny gingerbread man cutter for the baking, Christmas stamps for the letters to Father Christmas, collage stars for the Christmas cards. On days when we are very busy, or have a celebration, such as Alfie’s birthday or his party, they’ve just had a “celebrate” note with a small sweet treat… and one time I included a sachet of chocolate powder for each child and some mini marshmallows to share, and wrote for them all to make hot chocolate for each other! πŸ™‚
So far this activity advent calendar has been very well received! I just need to remember to do it every day!


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