Teddy’s Messy Christmas Box

We set up a sensory tray last week, with Christmas figures and tiny pieces of shredded plastic bag (fake snow). Teddy loved the fake snow, but to be honest, he ignored the figures and just wanted to move the fake snow to and from the tray, spilling and dropping and swishing…to be frank, it got everywhere!

So I wondered to myself, “how can I incorporate this so that he can enjoy playing with the fake snow and make a mess, but somehow ‘keep the mess in one area’?”

We had a flat open ended cardboard box in our ‘pyssel room’ (craft room/workshop/junk room!) which would be perfect.
First it involved mixing white paint and white glue, and getting Ted to spread the mixture all over the box…

Then I got him to move the fake snow from the original tray, to the newly painted box…

…and after lots and lots of mixing and touching and feeling, we mixed in some glitter…..

..and added the figures…
Evidently it was ‘Rudolph’ the reindeer who got the most attention…

He pulled his sleigh through the sky, delivering presents to the children again and again and again…



Eventually it turned in to Rudolph’s birthday and he started getting presents himself…though he was lucky to be given gingerbread men cookies and hot chocolate from Mrs Christmas whenever he got tired….

It was fantastic to see Ted playing, particularly flying the reindeer through the air, which he must have seen in one of our story books…

…perhaps this one? A very old picture book with the poem ‘The Night Before Christmas’ which we had been reading lately.

And in the end, Ted got his messy play. His mixing and spilling and swishing and dropping. He got to play more with the fake snow – and the Christmas figures got a ‘look in’ to boot! 😉

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