Firework Art

There’s been a lot of talk about fireworks from Teddy lately – all that banging and booming didn’t go down too well in his memory!
We read a book about a little girl who would be celebrating New Year with her family…

…and talked about the swishing and the spraying of all the beautiful colours in the sky…

We then decided to print our own fireworks using paint, black paper and a nylon wash ‘sponge’…(making lots of crash, bash, smash sounds as we plopped the sponge down!)…


Maya joined in too..

…and then Teddy went on to enjoy a little more ‘sensory’ painting (as he often does! 😉 )…

..while Maya created more fireworks with oil pastels..

I’m not sure that Ted’s fear of fireworks will be any less, but we enjoyed making firework art! 🙂


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