Epiphany Cake

Epiphany is a national holiday in Sweden so yesterday I decided to make the kids an Epiphany cake, with a gold crown on the top. Inside I hid a dried bean. Whoever got the bean could be ‘King’ until bedtime, and decide what every one had to do!

When serving I lit three candles in it, to represent the three Kings who reached baby Jesus on this night.

The kids waited in anticipation for the cake….


We had no luck with the first piece – so we had to eat a second! How lucky for us! 😉
Leon got the bean!


And thus, Leon was King! His decision was for the kids to watch a film, eat some sweets and drink ‘jul must’ (a sweet Christmas drink similar to root-beer)…

What a fun way to teach about Epiphany! And almost all the cake was eaten! 🙂

Leon’s comment : “can we do that again?” I think he liked being King! 🙂


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