Coconut Fat For The Birds

Now that the snow has arrived, and the weather has turned very cold, it’s time for us to think about the birds!

We made our usual ‘bird sandwiches’ (seeds sprinkled on buttered bread cut in to shapes)…

….which we hung on our ‘favourite bird tree’…

But we also decided to try a new way to feed the birds, with coconut fat.

First we melted it…

…before crumbling cheap white bread… (And tying buttons to the end of long pieces of wool)…

We added the crumbled bread to the melted coconut fat, and then added bird seed…

…and mixed it up..

….before putting the strings button side down (to ensure the lard form does not slip off the string later) into an empty pot (yoghurt pot or similar) and then spooned the mixture into each pot…


We then left them outside for a few hours to solidify and later then eased them (a few needed a little help from some warm water as they had frozen in to the pots!) – out of the pots….

…before Leon and Maya did a great job of hanging them up for the birds on our favourite tree…
We are happy to say, we’ve now observed not only blackbirds and great-tits, but a wood pecker too, all enjoying their treats! 🙂


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