‘Julgransplundering’ (the plundering of the Christmas tree) is something that the Swedish children’s heroine, Pippi Longstocking, knows all about…

Pippi decorates a tree outside her house, and hangs presents in it for all the local children..

All around Sweden on ‘tjugon dag Knut’ (20 days after Christmas), children are dancing around the Christmas tree, singing songs about foxes sliding over the ice, small frogs and gingerbread men. Then it’s time to take all the decorations off the tree, and perhaps, if you’re lucky, ‘Jul Tomten’ (Father Christmas) may have left something in the tree for you…

I decided to make an old fashioned ‘cracker’ shape, and fill it with small sweet treats…


…then I hid them in the tree…

Later, after dinner, we danced and sang around the tree…

We had a tiny plastic tree this year due to being away ski-ing, so clean up was easy…

..before time to say goodbye to this Christmas and enjoy our last treats from ‘Jul Tomten’! 🙂


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