Pancake Day (Or Fat Tuesday!)

We call it Shrove Tuesday and we eat pancakes, the Swedes call it ‘Fat Tuesday’ and eat ‘semla’ (a sweet bun with whipped cream and almond paste) – we think both are delicious – and both are worth eating – and we did precisely that!

20140304-090641 em.jpg

20140304-090707 em.jpg

20140304-090735 em.jpg

20140304-090758 em.jpg

20140304-090824 em.jpg

20140304-090853 em.jpg

20140304-090924 em.jpg

20140304-090950 em.jpg

20140304-091015 em.jpg
Happy Fat Tuesday to you too! šŸ˜‰


3 thoughts on “Pancake Day (Or Fat Tuesday!)

  1. You are responsible for me celebrating “Cream Puff Day” at my house! (In fact, I linked to your recipe for Semlor recently. It is working well to have a day to eat pancakes and a day to eat cream filled buns!

    The children look like they are certainly enjoying the treats. Happy Pancake Day a couple days late!!!

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