London (And A Boat)…

I’ve been undecided as to whether or not I should summarise last week, seeing as we were only around for three days – one of which was spent packing and preparing.

So to summarise, I shall just tell you a little about our trip to London – and I’ll squeeze in a little about what the small boys did at the end…

London! What a treat to go away for five days on my own with the oldest two…

20140304-092011 em.jpg
Here they are on the plane. The first time in 12 1/2 years where I haven’t had to constantly entertain on the plane, have a child climb all over me or take small walks up and down the aisle! 😉

Here they are looking very nervous on their first trip in several years on the London underground…

20140304-092337 em.jpg

We admired the ‘Natural History Museum’ (inside and out)…

20140304-092502 em.jpg

20140304-092538 em.jpg

20140304-092718 em.jpg

20140304-092806 em.jpg
…where we met Mormor and Patu…..

20140304-092858 em.jpg
For six hours we looked at dinosaur skeletons and fossils, fish, amphibians and mammals, pickled creatures in jars, stones and minerals, creepy crawlies, and volcanoes and earthquakes. What a brilliant museum! We left happy but exhausted..!

Leon was particularly happy to discover a tardis at the Dr Who museum and shop….

20140304-093401 em.jpg</a
….and a dalek….

20140304-093814 em.jpg

…painting figures in a Games Workshop..

20140304-094932 em.jpg
…and playing in ‘Leisure Games’ (a place to meet and play various board games)…

20140304-095321 em.jpg

Maya really loved going to see ‘Matilda’ the musical with her Godmother..

20140304-095501 em.jpg

We all enjoyed watching street entertainers at Covent Garden….

20140304-095610 em.jpg

20140304-095725 em.jpg

20140304-095811 em.jpg

20140304-095847 em.jpg

20140304-095923 em.jpg

The kids loved visiting ‘M & M world’…

20140304-100050 em.jpg

20140304-100126 em.jpg

20140304-100155 em.jpg
(where our friend Jude has a dance with a walking M & M..)

20140304-100309 em.jpg

And it was fantastic to drink jasmine tea, and eat fresh dumplings and fortune cookies in China town…..

20140304-100508 em.jpg

20140304-100542 em.jpg

20140304-100702 em.jpg

20140304-100751 em.jpg

We spent a morning checking out the buildings and goings on along the South Bank, by the river Thames…..

20140304-100927 em.jpg

20140304-101234 em.jpg

20140304-101306 em.jpg

20140304-101343 em.jpg

20140304-101421 em.jpg

20140304-101458 em.jpg

20140304-101530 em.jpg

20140304-101558 em.jpg

20140304-101627 em.jpg

20140304-101704 em.jpg
..before reaching (and riding!), the London Eye!

20140304-101838 em.jpg

20140304-101917 em.jpg

20140304-101954 em.jpg

20140304-102047 em.jpg

20140304-102135 em.jpg

20140304-102404 em.jpg

20140304-102557 em.jpg

20140304-102644 em.jpg
…and rounded off the trip with noodles and a visit to arty Camden Market….

20140304-102839 em.jpg

20140304-102911 em.jpg

20140304-102955 em.jpg

20140304-103033 em.jpg

20140304-103109 em.jpg

What a fabulous trip staying with Maxine’s family in London!

And the small boys? Well, they had trip on a big overnight ferry with pappa…

20140304-105138 em.jpg

20140304-105419 em.jpg

20140304-105447 em.jpg

20140304-105509 em.jpg

20140304-105731 em.jpg
Happy days ! 🙂


One thought on “London (And A Boat)…

  1. Love that you got some time alone with the older children. Our focus almost always seems t be on the younger children – they just need so much more attention and care. I bet in some ways it was almost like getting acquainted without so many distractions.

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